New! Woman’s patterns

For the first time, we have published two women’s patterns in Poppy Magazine! So you don’t just buy the sewing pattern magazine to sew for kids, you also have a very good reason to get started for yourself.

The women’s patterns featured in Poppy Magazine 20 are of a blouse and a dress. Two trendy models available from size S to XXL. The blouse has a nice loose fit with a small front slit and trumpet sleeves. The dress is a real boho dress with its three layers and bat sleeves. Vary the length of the layers and make it the perfect length for you. Both styles dress beautifully and are suitable for any season!

Blogger Mandy from tested the dress pattern for us with stunning results! She says the following about it:

‘Poppy Magazine is such a fun magazine that you quickly pick up at the checkout of your fabric shop for a nice price. You can find something nice for every child and now also for the mother, grandmother or aunt. I chose to make the dress. What I immediately noticed when drawing it is that you don’t have to copy the strips of the skirt from the paper, but can draw the measurements yourself. Extra quick and handy when done on check pattern paper. The dress was assembled in one evening thanks to the good instructions. I made the dress in viscose, so it drapes really well. If you want a wider version, a nice cotton can never disappoint. I’m planning another summer version in double gauze. Very fond of this pattern!

Hopefully the pattern will be loved by other ladies too. We will do our best to launch two more fine ladies’ patterns in the next edition!