Quilt your own fabric

Do you want to learn how to quilt your own fabric for a bodywarmer or jacket? Discover it in our (video) guide! In our tutorial, we’ll show you a straightforward way to quilt fabric neatly using the sewing machine.

We’ve applied this quilting technique to the P0822 bodywarmer from Poppy Magazine 22. This versatile bodywarmer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. Thanks to the extra layer of fiberfill, the bodywarmer is slightly thicker and keeps your children warm during outdoor play.

Our step-by-step instructional video demonstrates how to easily and quickly transform any desired fabric into a quilted fabric. Additionally, we’ve transcribed the instructions and added helpful photos for a quick overview of each step.

Find the instructions on our download page. After opening the PDF, you can easily navigate to the video and get started right away!