Invisble zipper insertion

Time for some instructions!

Stugglig with the zipper insertion? To help you out we give you easy instructions with instructional drawings about how to inset an invisible zipper.

Our advice is to always buy a slightly longer zipper than indicated. After sewing, you will trim the zipper a bit.

1. Set up your machine properly before sewing the invisible zipper. Use a zipper foot and position the needle on the left or right side, depending on the sewing side.

2. Stitch the seam closed starting from the marking for the zipper opening. Naturally, leave the portion where the zipper will be inserted open. Then, press the seam and the area where the zipper will be inserted.

3. Open the zipper and place it right side down on the folded seam. Align the zipper teeth with the opening line. Baste the zipper onto the seam.

4. Close the zipper and baste the other side onto the seam to ensure that the top edges align properly.

5. Open the zipper, fold the seam outward, and flatten the teeth as much as possible. Place the zipper foot close to the teeth of the zipper.

6. Sew both sides of the zipper as closely as possible to the teeth. You will not sew the portion where the zipper pull is located.

7. Close the zipper and secure the teeth with a few horizontal stitches at the end of the seam. Trim the excess zipper at the inside if necessary.